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VIDEO: Molten copper is poured over a Big Mac -- and the result is incredible

YouTube user Tito4re like to experiment with molten copper, and they make really cool videos of what happens when your pour the liquid metals over everyday objects.

In a recent video Tito4re puts a McDonalds Big Mac to the test.

Tito4re points out that copper’s melting point is 1,085°C.

With that in mind, considering how long the Big Mac withstands the molten experiment is incredible.

He heats the copper to boiling point…

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

And pours it over the hamburger.

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

Initally, large flames erupt from the top bun…

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

Then they subside.

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

He separates the segments…

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

And slowly the burger starts to break down.

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

The burger chars until there’s almost nothing left.

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

After pouring water on it the congealed fat is all that remains, with the chemical components of burger reacting with copper to taint it with a range of colours.

Screenshot: Tito4re/ YouTube.

See the video in full here.

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