VIDEO: Meet BotBar, Sydney University's robot cocktail bartender

BotBar 2.0 is in operation just in time.

The University of Sydney’s four-day exhibition — Fabricating Futures: Robots. Research. Design — launches tonight to explore the latest trends in robotics and digital technology driving innovation.

The crowd favourite from the 2014 exhibition was BotBar.

This year the robotic cocktail bartender has extended its repertoire with automatic turntables, synchronized liquid pumps and an iPad interface.

This morning the team was making final adjustments to BotBar.

“It’s been a little more stressful this year,” Marjo Niemela, curator of Fabricating Futures, told Business Insider. “It’s more complicated than the first version we did.”

Last year it had a fixed range of just three pre-programmed cocktails. This year it has 20, including six non-alcoholic mocktails, and alcoholic classics such as Tequila Sunrise, Cranberry Kick and London Lemonade.

The robot pours five cocktails each time it receives an order via an iPad. No topping up required.

“Getting everything to work together has been a challenge,” says Niemela. “We have pumps for the mixers and they all turn on for the different drinks. It pours five drinks at a time and they should be exactly the same each time to the millimetre.”

Those lucky enough to have tasted the drinks say the quality is excellent. BotBar shakes it with the best.

Whether the robot is better than a human bartender remains to be seen. He certainly doesn’t do bar banter. He’s silent. The designers haven’t added the capacity for speech.

Here he is in action. Watch his smooth shaking and steady pouring techniques:

The exhibition features the work of more than 100 postgraduate students from the Master of Architecture and Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts as well as researchers in architecture, architectural science and interaction design.

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