A video Samsung may have accidentally leaked shows what could be the next Galaxy phone

Samsung recently released a video found by Forbes that features a previously unseen, unreleased smartphone, which has some glaring similarities to rumours about the Galaxy S8.

Now, it’s unlikely that Samsung would knowingly release a video featuring the Galaxy S8 before its release, but Samsung is no stranger to accidental leaks. Last year, Samsung let slip a few details about the Galaxy S7 on its own website.

The video shows a smartphone, pictured below, with narrow borders on the top, bottom, and sides — details that match rumours about the Galaxy S8. And the pictured smartphone is missing a physical home button, which lines up nicely with the rumours that the Galaxy S8’s home button will be embedded into the display, making it essentially invisible.

However, it’s not clear from the screenshot above if the phone’s edges are curved. In fact, it doesn’t look like it has curved edges at all. That missing feature alone could dispel the notion that the video is, indeed, showing the Galaxy S8. If the current rumours are correct, Samsung will only offer the S8 with curved edges, like the Galaxy S7, and not with a flat screen. It wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung offered a curved-only Galaxy S8 considering the success it’s had with the Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge.

In all likelihood, the smartphone in question is simply a smartphone template or concept with a decidedly Samsung-y style, and it’s being used purely to showcase Samsung’s AMOLED display technology. Samsung has been using AMOLED displays, which offer better colour, contrast, and brightness than the iPhone’s LCD screens, for several years.

Still, the phone in the video isn’t far off from concepts of what the Galaxy S8 might look like based off rumours, which also show narrow bezels on the top and bottom, and virtually non-existent borders on the sides.

Either way, nothing is certain until Samsung unveils its new smartphone, which Samsung is expected to launch at February’s Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.

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