Here is a massive alligator on a Florida golf course

Big gator! @NickiPerdomo / Twitter
  • Early Thursday morning, a huge alligator was sighted at a golf course in Naples, Florida.
  • I mean, you think you’ve seen big gators before, but this is a big gator.
  • Big gator!
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On Thursday morning, golf fans were forced to wait a few extra hours before watching notably muscular golfer Bryson DeChambeau hit his opening tee shot at the Masters due to a rain delay.

But while one big golfer was waiting out the rain in Georgia, another gigantic creature was taking over a golf course in Naples, Florida.

Folks, we got a big alligator sighting.

Look at the size of that gator! That thing moves like a dinosaur, because it is, based on my extremely limited knowledge of science and gators, basically a dinosaur.

I mean, have you ever seen a gator this big?

This gator looks like it ate two other gators for breakfast and is gearing up for lunch. The golf course is his now. Sorry to anyone who regularly plays at Valencia Golf Course in Naples, but the gator is your new leader. Pledge fealty to it or suffer its wrath.

Wow. What a gator.

After a rain delay that lasted roughly three hours, play resumed at Augusta National.

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