Marshawn Lynch Says 'I'm Here So I Won't Get Fined' To Every Question At Super Bowl Media Day

Marshawn LynchESPNHe’s there so he won’t get fined.

Facing the threat of yet another fine for not cooperating with the media, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch did show up to Super Bowl media day, but he also refused to answer questions.

As soon as Lynch sat at his podium, he warned the media that he would give the same answer to every question and that they “can shoot if [they] please.” As soon as the first question was asked, Lynch answered “I’m here so I won’t get fined.”

It was the same answer for the next question, and the next, and the one after that.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Lynch was threatened with a $US500,000 fine if he “failed to be available for Media Day.”

Last year, Lynch stormed out of Media Day and gave a bizarre one-on-one interview with the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

Lynch was fined $US100,000 earlier this year for failing to speak to the media, and then followed that up with some bizarre sessions. On one occasion he answered “yeah” to every question asked by the media and then on another occasion he simply responded “thanks for asking” to every question.

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