Luka Doncic hits miracle buzzer-beater to force overtime

@dallasmavs / TwitterLuka Doncic has been a special player since joining the Mavericks, but his buzzer-beater on Sunday was a whole new level of miraculous.
  • Luka Doncic has been a revelation for the Dallas Mavericks through the first quarter of his rookie season.
  • On Sunday, Doncic made his most impressive play yet, draining a buzzer-beater on a miracle shot to force overtime against the Trail Blazers.
  • While the Mavericks would lose in overtime 121-118, Doncic shot was yet another promising sign for Mavericks fans hoping he represents a bright future for the franchise.

Luka Doncic has taken the NBA by storm since joining the league as the third overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Just 19 years old, Doncic has brought an irresistible spark to the Mavericks, quickly making them one of the most exciting teams to watch, if only to see what feat he might pull off next.

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On Sunday, Doncic provided his most unbelievable highlight yet.

Trailing the Trail Blazers by three with just 0.6 seconds, the Mavericks were in need of a miracle in Portland.

Luka provided one.

Sprinting to the corner to receive the inbound pass, Doncic took the ball in and put up a rainbow of a shot in one motion, getting the ball out of his hands just before the buzzer sounded. After lofting so high in the air it escaped the cameraman’s frame for what felt like an eternity, Doncic’s shot fell back to Earth, and right through the basket.

The Mavericks were heading to overtime.

Unfortunately for Dallas, that’s where the magic would run out, with the Trail Blazers controlling the action through most of the extra period and eventually taking home the win 121-118.

But even though the Mavericks’ efforts fell short, knowing that Doncic is capable of hitting shots like that in the final seconds of a game must be a comfort to those hoping he’s the future of their franchise.

It turns out, the kid that won an MVP award in the Euroleague as a teenager is cutting it just fine in the NBA. Who would have guessed it?

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