VIDEO: Lockheed Martin's incredible plan to send humans to Mars within 10 years

Lockheed Martin wants to set up a space station to orbit Mars before landing people on the planet in the 2030s. Source: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin stole Elon Musk’s thunder at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide today, revealing plans to launch a mission to send humans to Mars within a decade.

The US defence contractor, which is currently building the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, with the Australian Air Force expecting its first jets in 2020, announced what it calls “Mars Base Camp”, a NASA-led mission to send astronauts, via the moon, to a Mars-orbiting science lab.

They then hope to land humans on the surface in the 2030s.

Musk is scheduled to update his vision for SpaceX in Adelaide this afternoon, but has cancelled a planned media conference at the last minute.

Here’s a video of the Lockheed Martin plan explained.

And here’s today’s presentation in Adelaide.

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