Liverpool scores one of the most bizarre goals of the UK premier league season for stunning stoppage-time game-winner

NBCSNDivock Origi played hero for Liverpool with a stoppage-time header after an awkward lob hit off the crossbar twice.
  • Liverpool defeated Everton on Sunday 1-0 with a stoppage-time stunner.
  • The game looked to be heading towards a draw when Everton keeper Jordan Pickford misplayed an awkward ball above the goal.
  • After two bounces off the crossbar, Liverpool forward Divock Origi tracked down the ball and headed it home for the unlikeliest game-winner of the year.

For 95 minutes of action between Liverpool and Everton on Sunday, neither team could find a goal.

Heading into the final seconds of stoppage time, the Merseyside Derby looked like it was heading towards a 0-0 draw unless Liverpool could find something miraculous with their final possession.

In one of the most bizarre closing sequences of the Premier League season thus far, the Reds would have their prayers answered.

You can watch the scene play out below.

Trent Alexander-Arnold popped the ball into the box from past midfield, hoping to connect with a teammate for the game-winning score. Everton attempted to clear, but the ball came back out to Virgil Van Dijk, who took a wild swing towards the goal.

Van Dijk’s strike was a mishit, spinning high in the air for what should have been an easy bit of clean-up for Everton keeper Jordan Pickford. But Pickford misplayed his jump, leaving the ball to bounce once, then twice, off the crossbar.

At that moment, Liverpool forward Divock Origi made the heads-up play of the match, tracking down the ball as it fell back into play and heading it home just seconds before the whistles sounded for the 1-0 victory.

With the win, Liverpool secured three crucial points to keep pace just two points behind league leaders Manchester City. Both teams remain undefeated in Premier League play, with a huge match between them coming in January.

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