Here's A Video From The LAX Shooting

New video has emerged from the scene of the chaotic shooting at Los Angeles International Airport this morning that left one TSA officer dead and several other people injured.

In the video, exclusively obtained by TMZ, a chaotic scene unfolds as a police officer armed with a rifle yells for everyone to get down on the floor. Moments later, a panicked stampede of travellers runs right past police officers and out the door.

The unidentified cameraman says “I got some good video,” while another voice tells him to “upload that sh– to CNN.”

Inside Terminal 3 where the shooting took place, a “stampede of people” reportedly started running onto the tarmac after the gunfire broke out, according to Fox Sports’ Bill Reiter, who was on the scene.

Police said during a press conference that the gunman — identified as 23-year-old Paul Ciancia of Los Angeles — had been wounded in a shootout with police and taken into custody.

Watch the full video:

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