VIDEO: Lava Which Destroyed Two Villages On An Island This Week Was Moving Incredibly Fast

Picture: CCTV Africa/YouTube

More than 1500 people fled for their lives after a volcano erupted on an island off the coast of Africa earlier this week.

Footage has emerged of lava cascading through a village on Fogo, one of 10 volcanic islands in the Republic of Cape Verde.

The volcano has been erupting for three weeks, but Saturday’s blast triggered a lava flow to turn and head directly for two villages, which it destroyed.

It’s amazing no one was injured or killed following the eruption, given the speed of the lava, which contrasted starkly to the creep of a flow earlier this year which slowly ate a village on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Just over half a million people inhabit nine of the 10 islands of Cape Verde, 570km off the coast of West Africa.

Fogo is dominated by Pico do Fogo, the archipelago’s highest volcano at 3000m above sea level.

One of the buried villages. Picture: CCTV Africa/YouTube

“The eruption was very fast. But we are appealing to the people for calm,” Interior Minister Marisa Morais told state-owned Radio Cape Verde.

A local journalist said the lava had destroyed “more than a century and a half of history” on the island.

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