Kurt Busch Calls ESPN 'Clowns' After Ugly Incident With Fellow Driver

Kurt Busch won the NASCAR race in Martinsville on Sunday, but not before an ugly early-race incident with Brad Keselowski that led to both drivers threatening to fight after the race.

In an interview with ESPN after the race, Busch sounded annoyed when he was asked about the incident, calling ESPN “clowns” for trying to make something out of it (see video at bottom).

The skirmish started on lap 43 in the tight quarters of pit row at the half-mile Martinsville track. As Keselowski (no. 2) was trying to exit pit row, he bumped another car trying to enter the pits. Busch (no. 41) then hit Keselowski who later accused Busch of accelerating through the collision making the damage much worse.

Thirty-one laps later, Keselowski returned to the race with much of his car missing.

Keselowski was not a happy camper and appeared to be set on delivering a message to Busch. It started with Keselowski finding his way in front of Busch and giving his opponent what appeared to be a middle finger out the window of his car.

Then, after slamming on his brakes in front of Busch, Keselowski pulled up along side Busch and added a little more damage to Busch’s car.

Busch was then heard on his radio telling his crew “Guess we get to get in a fight afterwards, because I’m going to go (expletive) that dude’s (expletive) face up.”

That led to the comments by Keselowski after the race, seen in this video, in which he accepts Busch’s challenge to fight.

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