VIDEO: KFC’s Australian CEO shows she knows how to make fried chicken

KFC Australia managing director Nikki Lawson

It doesn’t matter how high up you are in the food chain at KFC, there’s one thing everyone, from the CEO down, needs to know before they can start working for The Colonel and parent company Yum! Brands, and that’s how to make fried chicken.

Every KFC executive is trained, before they start their day-to-day jobs, in the KFC kitchen, so they know what it’s like to run one of the restaurants.

That includes KFC’s South Pacific managing director Nikki Lawson, who took the top job in October last year, having spent seven years as the brand’s chief marketing officer.

South African born Lawson has been with KFC for 17 years and last week Business Insider caught up with her at the company’s Mascot outlet, beside Sydney airport, where she demonstrated her chicken cooking skills and showed us behind the scenes at the KFC stores.

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