Patriots receiver Julian Edelman surprised a young girl with Super Bowl tickets after he learned she was bullied for playing football

Quarterback Dejah Rondeau was bullied in school for being a girl who plays football. Now, she’s going to the Super Bowl. New England Patriots / Twitter
  • New Hampshire native Dejah Rondeau is one of three girls playing youth football in her area.
  • The quarterback for her school’s football team, Rondeau is a major fan of the New England Patriots and wide receiver Julian Edelman – even wearing the number 11 in his honour.
  • After learning that Rondeau was bullied in school for playing football, the Patriots invited her to take a tour of their facilities with franchise owner Robert Kraft.
  • Later, Edelman surprised her with a game of catch and two tickets to see Super Bowl LIII in person.
  • Check out the video of the sweet interaction below and read all of INSIDER’s Super Bowl LIII coverage here.