Warriors rookie Juan Toscano-Anderson made sure everyone knew his name after celebrating a Steph Curry three before he even shot it

via NBC Sports Bay Area/NBAJuan Toscano-Anderson knew Stephen Curry’s shot was good.
  • Warriors rookie Juan-Toscano wildly celebrated a Stephen Curry three-pointer before Curry even shot the ball.
  • After the game, Toscano-Anderson took to Twitter to make sure fans knew him beyond “Steph’s teammate.”
  • Curry and the Warriors backed up Toscano-Anderson’s tweet.
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If casual sports fans didn’t know Juan Toscano-Anderson beyond “Steph Curry’s teammate,” they do now.

On Thursday, Toscano-Anderson, a rookie, helped create one of the best highlights of the year. In the third quarter, Toscano-Anderson flung a cross-court pass to Stephen Curry, who was wide open on the right wing for three.

Before Curry even released the ball, Toscano-Anderson jumped into celebration, windmilling his arms and running back down the court as the shot went in.

The play went viral, and as Bleacher Report shared the clip on Twitter, they referred to Toscano-Anderson as Curry’s “teammate.”

Toscano-Anderson wanted to make sure everyone learned his name.

Toscano-Anderson received support from Curry and the Warriors.

Curry finished with 40 points in the Warriors win. Toscano-Anderson finished with 9 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists, plus one great celebration.

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