VIDEO: Peter Greste was filming with The Chaser when he found out his jailed colleagues in Egypt had been freed

Journalist Peter Greste spent more than a year in an Egyptian prison before a massive international campaign saw him released and deported in February this year returning to Australia. The Al Jazeera English journalist and two colleagues been sentenced to seven years for purportedly aiding a terrorist group and reporting false news in a trial that was condemned globally as a farce.

He continued to campaign for the release his friends Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, who remained in Egypt and were retried, along with Greste in absentia, and sentenced to another three years in prison for supposedly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

On Wednesday night, he was taking part in filming for “The Chaser’s Media Circus”, which goes to air on ABC TV tonight, when the surprise news came through that Egyptian authorities had pardoned Canadian journalist Mohamed Fadel Fahmy. As he read the message on a phone, an emotional Greste hoped that Baher had also been pardoned (he was).

“We’ve been fighting for the past eight months for this,” Greste said.

Egyptian authorities pardoned 100 prisoners, but Greste was not on the list, meaning he remains a convicted criminal, 633 days after the trio were first arrested on 29 December, 2013.

The show featuring Greste airs at 8pm Thursday on ABC1.

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