A video with UV light shows just how far a virus can spread between 10 people at a buffet

NHKA video aired by the Japanese national broadcaster NHK used ultraviolet light to show volunteers eating in a simulated restaurant environment.
  • A popular video in Japan released May 8 shows how quickly a virus can spread among restaurant diners.
  • The Japanese state broadcaster NHK gathered 10 volunteers to eat as normal in a simulated buffet environment.
  • One person was chosen to be carrying the virus, and fluorescent paint was put on the person’s hand to represent it.
  • The 10 people were then left for 30 minutes to get food from the buffet, sit down together, and eat.
  • Ultraviolet light was then used to lay bare how the paint had spread. Scroll down to watch the video.
  • All nine other people, table surfaces, glassware, and serving utensils bore traces of the paint within minutes, NHK said.
  • Three people had traces of the paint on their faces.
  • Hiroyuki Kunishima, of the St. Marianna University School of Medicine, told NHK that a “high-touch surface” like tongs or container lids were “harbouring danger.”
  • Two health experts told CNN the lesson to learn was that regular handwashing is key to stopping a virus from spreading.
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