VIDEO: Italian football giant AC Milan’s extremely ill-advised haka

Kevin Prince Boateng of AC Milan loses his footing, but at least skin is still nicely moisturised. Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images.

Italian football giants AC Milan just sacrificed decades of pride for the sake of a skincare sponsor.

And offended every New Zealander alive – by paying actors to take to the field before their Serie A match against Carpi to perform the famous Maori war dance, the haka, made famous by the fearsome NZ rugby team, the All Blacks.

A ripoff of the haka. In AC Milan kits, while pretending to scrub their faces and bodies, to appease Nivea.

This is what social media suicide looks like:

While the club’s social media manager was boasting about it on Twitter, it’s hard not to imagine the real AC Milan dying with embarrassment as they waited for the spectacle to end, so they could get on with playing football. They could only manage a 0-0 result against Carpi.

Sometimes there really is such thing as bad publicity. Try not to look away: