Iowa Basketball Coach Bumped A Ref And Got Ejected During His Latest Epic Meltdown

Fran McCaffery of Iowa is quickly building a reputation as this generation’s most hot-headed coach and his latest temper-tantrum may have been his worst meltdown yet.

With Iowa trying to pull the upset over fourth-ranked Wisconsin in Madison and leading in the second half, McCaffery lost his cool when he thought the referees blew calls on two straight possessions.

As the game headed to a timeout, McCaffery became animated and was given a technical foul (see video below). At that point, McCaffery bumped an official, was ejected, and then had to be restrained from going after the officials.

Making matters worst, Wisconsin scored five points off the free throws and the ensuing possession to take the lead. Iowa would lose the game 75-71.

McCaffery’s outbursts have flown somewhat under the radar as Iowa has struggled to rebuild their program. But now that the Hawkeyes are once again a top-25 team, these moments will start to make headlines, the kind that are only tolerable if the team is winning.

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