VIDEO: Inside the jaws of a great white shark as it bites the camera

Photo: Getty/Dan Kitwood

Western Australian wildlife documentary filmmaker David Riggs has made some extraordinary discoveries during his career – most notably a decade ago when he discovered that great white sharks are not at the top of the oceanic food chain, but rather killer whales, who’ve been known to snack on the sharks.

The Esperance-based film maker discovered what he calls an oceanic “hotspot” called the Bremer Canyon, 60km off the WA coast, which featured in the ABC TV documentary “The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator”, where orcas rule the roost.

Riggs has been out shooting underwater footage for a new documentary and has discovered another fantastic spot off the Western Australian coastline he says “rivals Bremer Canyon for sheer awesomeness”.

He sent his submersible camera rig down to explore the area and was surprised by what he found – a couple of rather territorial great whites who, like a couple of gangsters roughing up someone who strays into their ‘hood, kept nudging past the lens until deciding they’d had enough and did what sharks are most feared for, trying to take a large bite out of the intruder.

The footage offers an incredible perspective no human wants to see in person – inside the jaws of a great white.

Riggs posted the footage on Facebook yesterday as a “sneak peek” into his new doco.

Here it is:

You can follow more of his adventures here.

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