If Chris Bosh Is Anything, He Is Entertaining, And Last Night Was No Different

It seems everybody has an opinion on what Chris Bosh means to the Miami Heat and what they should do with him after the season.

But if there is one thing most of us can agree on, it is that Bosh is funny. Not Dave Chappelle funny. More like Jim Breuer in “Half Baked” funny. After all, he makes two appearances in our list of the “Most Hilarious GIFs Of The NBA Playoffs,” and there were several others that just didn’t make the cut.

Here are our three favourite shots of Bosh from last night’s game two…

Chris Bosh missed this high-five, but like a good big man, he followed his shot and grabbed the rebound

And again after the game, Bosh nearly took out Dwyane Wade’s eye with this Tiger Woods-like high-five attempt...

Finally, here’s Bosh screaming at Mario Chalmers and Chalmers reacting like we imagine most of the Heat do, by just ignoring him

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