VIDEO: Idiot Goalkeeper Celebrates As Ball Hits Crossbar, Spins Back Into Net

In one of the more ridiculous penalty shootout moments we’ve ever seen, a goalkeeper for the Italian 7th division side Dro allowed a ball to bounce off the cross bar, spin, and roll into the back of his net.

Moments later Dro’s next shooter missed his penalty, and as a result Termeno won promotion to the next level of Italian soccer.

But not so fast. As a reader correctly pointed out, the game was eventually overturned, and now it will be replayed.

There’s still some debate as to whether or not the goal was legal. Technically, the ball bounced off the cross bar, and into the net. The referee did not blow his whistle, so play was not dead.

But the law in question is this one:

From Fifa:

The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves forward

So technically, play should have been dead, as the ball stopped moving forward at this point. Unless you abide by this law:

From Fifa:

The referee decides when a penalty kick has been completed

Either way, it would have saved the keeper and his team a lot of trouble, if he just collected the ball post shot.

(Via Daily Mail):

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