Giants Outfielder Hunter Pence Hit The Longest Home Run Of The Season

Hunter Pence of the Giants hit a 476-foot home run at Coors Field against the Rockies. It was the longest home run of the season according to ESPN’s home run tracker.

It is a bit surprising that the longest home run of the season now belongs to Pence, especially considering he was choking up on the bat when swung. But this home run proves that if the pitch has enough velocity and the batter connects with the sweetspot with enough bat speed, the ball will go a long way.

Add to that the factor of Coors Field. Even with the Rockies using a humidor to try and counter the thin air, it is still Coors Field. This was the fourth home run of the year at Coors Field that traveled at least 450-foot. Here is the video as well as a trajectory of the ball…

Here is the trajectory…

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