VIDEO: How to choose a scotch whisky to suit your tastes

Diageo whisky ambassador Sean Baxter. Photo: Simon Thomsen

Whisky is a popular Christmas gift and the resurgence of single malt has left scotch drinkers spoilt for choice.

But the styles of whisky from the six key regions of Scotland are varied, from the bold, salty, peat-smoky single malts of Islay, to the three surviving distilleries of the one-time “whisky capital of the world”, Campbeltown.

To help navigate choosing the right whisky to suit your tastes, Business Insider caught up with Diageo whisky ambassador Sean Baxter to take us through four of the key styles.

The British global company is the market leader in whisky — exporting 33 million cases of scotch annually — owning some of the biggest brands, most notably Johnnie Walker, but we asked Baxter to focus specifically on single malts.

Here’s his take on four styles of scotch to suit everyone, from a first time drinker to a keen enthusiast.

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