VIDEO: How the driverless Volvo being tested in Australia works

A driverless car hit Australian roads for the very first time in Adelaide yesterday.

The Volvo XC90 is the first to be tested on public roads at up to 70km/h on a closed, controlled section of Adelaide’s Southern Expressway in South Australia.

Victorian road transport group ARRB staged the test event using autonomous overtaking, changing lanes and emergency braking.

ARRB Group managing director Gerard Waldron said the demonstration was a major turning point for the evolution of driverless car technology in Australia, but a lot of education of both the public and government needs to be done.

“With European researchers having a roadmap for the introduction of driverless vehicles by 2020, Australia needs to keep pace. Legislation urgently needs to be amended, like it has been in South Australia,” he said.

ARRB national technical leader Dr Charles Karl explained that we’re in the early stages of driverless technology, which will eventually lead to no steering wheel.

He outlines how it works below.

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