VIDEO: Here's the view from a Russian spacecraft spinning out of control right now

ISS Progress 47 in the position Progress 59 should be right now. Picture: NASA

Russian space agency Roscosmos and NASA are trying to get a supply craft back under control after it started spinning before docking with the ISS.

The drama was caught on camera by the Progress 59’s on-board engineering camera.

NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield summed the situation up best on Twitter:

NASA posted an update late yesterday afternoon that Russian flight controllers were “continuing to troubleshoot issues with the ISS Progress 59 cargo craft” and “confirmed that the vehicle had entered into a slow spin”.

As of 1pm AEDT today, they were still trying to communicate with the spacecraft. A new rendezvous attempt has been set down for 7.03pm AEDT tomorrow.

The unmanned craft is carrying more than 2700kg of food, fuel and other supplies.

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