Here's The Awkward Conversation Between Charles Barkley And Wonder Woman

Following last night’s game three of the NBA Finals, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Matt Winer were doing their post-game show when the guys spotted Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame and invited her on to the set.

The entire conversation was odd, as things involving Chuck tend to be. But it really got weird when Barkley told Carter that “we spent time together when you didn’t even know it.” This, while Carter’s husband was standing nearby.

And for special bonus, wait until the end when Winer mentions that they had Superman and Wonder Woman on the set at the same time. Barkley then asks “Dwight Howard is here?” It is no secret that Shaq has never taken to kindly to Howard using what O’Neal considers his nickname.

Here’s the video…


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