VIDEO: Here’s Hugh Jackman starring in cinema’s first holographic press conference


Australian Hollywood star Hugh Jackman plugged his new film Chappie in Spain on the weekend via hologram.

Jackman joined Chappie director Neill Blomkamp in Madrid. Jackman was beamed in from a hotel room in Berlin; Blomkamp materialised alongside him a few seconds later.

As far as press conferences go, it went off without a hitch:

US entertainment magazine, Variety, called it a “stomping success”:

Bar a typical second-or-so delay in satellite sound transmission, the South African director and star of “Chappie,” quiescently sitting on stools, hands folded, came over loud and clear. There were no cuts or blur. And neither spent the whole time, as in many video satellite link-ups, trying to stuff an electronic gizmo further into an ear.

Chappie is Blomkamp’s third big budget release, and tells the story of a robot whose AI reaches a level that has Jackman, a corrupt law enforcer, suddenly determined to destroy him.

Blomkamp’s next project will be an already hugely anticipated Alien film. He told Variety he plans for the movie to be “as linked to the first and second film as I can possibly handle”.

“If I can make it my own in the way James Cameron made Aliens his own, I can do it to that percentage, but never harming the tone of the first two movies,” he said.