VIDEO: Here's how Virgin Australia melts the paint off a Boeing 737 for a respray


How does Virgin Australia repaint one of its 737 passenger jets? It takes just over a week with a team of almost 20 workers to do it, and before it all kicks off, an amazing spray is applied to the fuselage that literally melts the paint off.

Way back when it first started flying between Sydney and Brisbane in 2000, Virgin Blue (as it was then known) used two 737s to ferry passengers about. Now the airline is known as Virgin Australia and it has a shiny new design. One of the last 737s with the old Virgin Blue branding went in for a facelift recently, and after 11 days, it looks brand new.

18 painters worked hard to apply 260 litres of paint to change the old Virgin Blue plane into a shiny new Virgin Australia plane, and it looks great through every stage of the transformation! In particular, the blue and white Virgin Australia logo looks amazing, as does a plain silver plane. So awesome.

* This post originally appeared on Gizmodo.

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