VIDEO: Here's how Lexus sees the future of self-driving cars

Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa with the LS+ Concept. Photo: Simon Thomsen

TOKYO – Luxury car brand Lexus announced plans to fully automate its flagship LS sedan for highway driving conditions by 2020 at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.

The LS+ Concept will feature what the luxury brand calls “Highway Teammate”, to “enable it to drive by itself on specific car-only highways, such as from the on-ramp to the exit of expressways”.

The technology will automate merging into highway traffic, lane keeping, speed adjustments, lane changes, overtaking and maintaining vehicle-to-vehicle distance.

The car will also use artificial intelligence (AI) and connect to big data to fully automate, including the ability for self-driving in urban areas, within a decade.

Business Insider was at the Tokyo Motor Show for a first look at the LS+ Concept. Here it is:

*The author traveled to Tokyo courtesy of Lexus.

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