A Supercharged Corvette Stingray Hit 200 MPH On A Texas Highway [VIDEO]

Hennessey Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7HennesseyA Hennessey-upgraded Corvette Stingray broke the 200 mph mark on a Texas highway.

We weren’t surprised this summer when Hennessey Performance Engineering, the Texas tuning house that makes awesome cars even more awesome, turned its attention to the new 2014 Corvette Stingray.

And now we’ve seen what the supercharged sports car can do with 700 horsepower — break 200 miles per hour.

To show off its work, Hennessey put a HPE600 upgrade, along with a 100 horsepower Nitrous Express kit, into a C7 Corvette.

On December 11, it let the car loose on a closed section of the Grand Parkway in Texas.

Top speed: 200.6 mph.

The run was actually a publicity stunt to discourage drivers from trying to avoid paying road tolls by driving through plazas at high speeds. The C7 was equipped with EZ-Pass, which the toll read without a problem.

Want your own supercharged Corvette? Just buy the car itself, then write Hennessey a check for $US12,495. Want to go even faster? The Texas outfit also offers an outrageous 1,000 horsepower Twin Turbo package, for a whopping $US67,950.

Watch it go:

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