VIDEO: Helpless pufferfish caught in an underwater bubble vortex

Off the western coast of Mexico lies a group of volcanic islands.

One, Socorro Island, hosts a small population, and an actual volcano which erupts every 40 or so years. The last time was in 1993.

Also, under the water around Socorro Island, the change of seasons brings with it a collision of cold and warm deep water currents.

It’s a popular scuba-diving region late in the year, but if you’re in the water in May, you might catch this phenomenon stretching along the wall of the reef – a long line of tiny bubbles, marking the surprisingly strong clash of currents.

Picture: The Smithsonian/YouTube

Well, strong if you’re a pufferfish, with tiny fins, caught daydreaming:

The other fish don’t seem to care, but we cared enough to bring you that, just because it’s a little bit funny.

The Smithsonian has more about the phenomenon in the video below:

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