VIDEO: Greek Tourism Company Uses Twelve Apostles In A Promotional Video

A Greek tourism company has used a time-lapse of the Twelve Apostles in Victoria in a video to promote the country as a destination for travellers abroad.

Visit Greece, a website established by The Greek National Tourism Organisation, supervised by the Ministry of Tourism, has defended its use of the clip by saying that the constellations seen in the sky above The Twelve Apostles “carry Greek names”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that not only did Australian astro-photographer Alex Cherney discover the inconsistency in the film by Visit Greece but that the company had also used 15 seconds of his own footage without permission.

Here’s Gods, Myths, Heroes from Visit Greece – the Twelve Apostles are shown at the 5.24 mark

And here’s Cherney’s film Ocean Sky – the Twelve Apostles are shown at the 1.10 mark

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

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