Watch a great white shark take a chomp out of a chum bag dangling off a fishing boat in Florida

Barcroft Media/Getty ImagesThe shark (not this) came for a snack.
  • Two fishers in the Florida Keys got a surprise on Tuesday.
  • A great white shark, not native to the area, swam up close to their boat.
  • After circling the boat for hours, the shark ate the chum bag.
  • Then it swam away.
  • It was pretty strange.
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It was supposed to be a routine Tuesday morning fishing excursion. But for two fishers off of Summerland Key in Florida, things took an unexpected turn when a great white shark turned up, the Miami Herald reported.

That morning, Carter Bates, 37, had brought his girlfriend Suzy Trumbo, 44, out on his 36-foot boat to fish for yellowtail snapper.

But before long, the shark caught a whiff of the 100-pound bag of chum hanging off the back off their vessel, Big Daddy. Bates told the Miami Herald that the shark probably circled the boat for about 3 hours.

Then, it struck. Here’s footage of the moment via “Today.”

“Oh my god,” someone can be heard repeatedly shouting off camera.

The shark is believed to be about 15 to 16 feet long. After it took a chomp out of the chum it swam away, never to be seen again.

“I’ve certainly never seen anything like this before,” Trumbo told the Miami Herald.

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Great whites are not native to the Florida Keys, but it’s not rare for them to turn up in the area, Bates told NBC Miami. However, he said that it was a truly unforgettable encounter – even if it was a little close for comfort.

“When it’s there, right there, it’s like yeah, a little intimidating,” he told NBC Miami. “But at the same time amazing because that’s a creature I’ll probably never ever see again.”

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