Video: Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Google, Rest Of World

Google (GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt shared a bunch of interesting information during his hour-long fireside chat with Mary Meeker at yesterday’s Morgan Stanley tech conference. We live blogged the chat and broke out a few interesting points:

  • Schmidt (now famously) called Twitter a “poor man’s email system.” (No insult intended, but a strange phrase.)
  • Schmidt gave good colour about Google’s view of the economy, including noting that Google is “not immune” and that he doesn’t think we’ve hit bottom.
  • Schmidt said that Google is waiting for prices to fall before it made any deals.

There’s also some good stuff we didn’t get to, such as how Google sees the mobile ad market shaping up, and what needs to happen before display ads become a bigger business for Google. If you have the time to spare, the video is worth watching. Here it is, courtesy YouTube.

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