NHL Goalie Viciously Attacked An Opposing Player During A Huge Brawl

A huge line brawl broke out between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals. But the part that has NHL fans buzzing was the unprovoked attack by Flyers goalie Ray Emery on opposing goalie Braden Holtby.

While goalies squaring off during a line brawl is not uncommon, it was clear that Holtby had no interest in fighting Emery who is an avid boxing fan and has a reputation as a fighter. However, that didn’t stop Emery who attacked Holtby. The referee tried unsuccessfully to intervene and then escalated matters by waving off other players.

Emery ultimately landed more than a dozen punches, some after Holtby fell to the ice, before other officials were able to come and intervene. Here’s the video…

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