Now There's A Video Game That Lets You Shoot Down Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, And Bill O'Reilly

sarah palin zombie video game

Just what the election cycle needs.  Geesh.

An advertising company called StarvingEyes Advergaming has created a video game called Tea Party Zombies Must Die.

The point of the game is to shoot down zombies with a variety of weapons including a crow bar and a gun.

The variety of zombies you are tasked with destroying include but are not limited to:

  • Generic pissed off white guy zombie
  • Pissed off stupid white guy red neck birther zombie
  • Expresses racist views anonymously on the internet modern klan zombie
  • Sarah Palin Zombie, Michele Bachmann Zombie
  • Factory made blonde Fox News barbie who’s never had a problem in her life zombie
  • Glenn Beck zombie (back from the dead!)


The site MRCTV notes that StarvingEyes represents such clients as Pepsi, TLC, and, who may not be thrilled by a video game that promotes mowing down media and political figures. 

However, Jason Oda, the head of the company, tells MRCTV that “The game was just a personal project. I am not worried about it effecting business.”  One suspects he may change his tune on that.

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