These Screenshots Show Why 'Video Game High School' Is So Popular

If you think video games are big now, just think how big they would be if we reached the point of truly immersive virtual reality.

In this future, playing a video game would feel like you were actually questing through mystical lands, racing sports cars, or fighting with guns, all without the possibility of physical harm.

Everyone would play video games, and elite gamers would play in school or professional leagues, and star players would be celebrities.

This vision is the premise of “Video Game High School,” a Kickstarter-backed show that is being promoted as part of a huge YouTube ad campaign. The first episode currently has around 12 million views on YouTube and a rabid fan base. Now in its third season, the show can also be seen at the home of RocketJump Studios as well as Netflix and other paid streaming sites.

“VGHS” is smart, funny, ambitious, and well-made, so it’s no wonder that it’s blowing up. For a preview, check out the highlights in our Episode One Spoilers.

Sometime in the future, there's a kid named Brian Doheny who doesn't have a lot of friends. In this picture, bullies are about to steal his digital possessions.

Brian lives with his single mother who is addicted to video games, living her whole life in some alternate reality.

The kid gets his kicks playing first-person shooters, and right now he's hurrying to join a game that started without him.

Team captain BrianD enters the game -- and it's like he's really there.

The fight is going well ...

... until real-life Brian has to take out the trash, and avatar BrianD is left motionless.

The timing couldn't be worse. Right now on live TV, star player The Law is about to enter a random game to show off his skills.

The Law joins the game, and chaos breaks out as he starts massacring players with trick shots. It just so happens that he's in the same game as BrianD

The Law finds motionless BrianD and sets up a humiliating execution by balancing a grenade on his head ...

... and preparing to shoot it off.

Brian rushes back to the game at the last moment.

He realises what's about to happen ...

... flips the grenade ...

... and dodges the shot.

As the grenade lands at The Law's feet, BrianD shoots and detonates it and kills the legend.

There's a painfully awkward silence on the talk show.

News of the moment spreads quickly.

Within days it's global news, and BrianD gets the chance of a lifetime. (See subtitles below.)

(See subtitles below.)

(See subtitles below.)

(See subtitles below.)

He's got a scholarship to Video Game High School to develop his gaming skills and live out many people's ultimate high school fantasy.

And those are your Episode One Spoilers. Watch the full thing below. There's much more brilliance to come in the three-season-long series.

(video provider='youtube' id='1JqR3GVqib4' size='xlarge' align='center')

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(video provider='youtube' id='RjNLvgqZgUI' size='xlarge' align='center')

Believe it or not, some colleges already offer scholarships to gamers.

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