Lawsuit Says Video Game Company Won't Hire Old People

Video Games

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Anyone hoping to demonstrate Microsoft video game products better look young, and have the pictures to prove it.A lawsuit filed against Mosaic Sales Solutions US Operating Co., claims the company makes job applicants submit a picture and won’t hire anyone too old to “reflect the Kinect and Xbox image,” Courthouse News Service reported Wednesday.

The class-action suit also claims Mosaic has a companywide policy stipulating demonstrators must have a “‘favourite camp counselor,’ youthful … personality,” and encourages hiring young women.

Pam Boyer claims she was hired by Mosaic in October 2010 but the offer was rescinded based on her picture. She was older than 40 at the time.

“(B)ased on plaintiff’s age, which is apparent from the photograph submitted with her application, Mosaic chastised the territory manager who hired plaintiff and decided that plaintiff could not be hired,” Boyer claims in her lawsuit.

Boyer is seeking punitive damages, claiming the company violated the Missouri Human Rights Act, according to CNS.

Microsoft is not named in the lawsuit.

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