A video showing 4 generations of family went viral in China, and now people are recreating it around the world

Ronnachai Palas/ShutterstockThe meme that started in China can now be seen all over the world.
  • Originating in China, the four generations meme is now going viral for its wholesome content.
  • Families around the world are making videos showing the evolution of four generations, starting with the youngest family member and ending with the oldest.
  • Countries like Peru, Norway, India, and the US have joined in on the fun.

The latest meme challenge sweeping the internet has nothing to do with Tide pods (per 2018’s meme). It originated in China and is now making waves for being tear-jerking-ly wholesome.

Videos showing four generations of family members calling each other into a room one by one are getting millions of interactions. In the videos, the youngest begins by calling out “Ma!” Her mother then comes out, followed by the mother’s mother and, finally,her mother.

Here’s the video that first took Twitter by the heartstrings:

Male family members have contributed to the challenge, too, calling out four generations of sons and fathers. And families around the world have started to catch onto China’s trend, making videos and snapping photographs of their four generations.

A family from Peru went viral on January 6 for their contribution:

And here’s four generations of mothers and daughters from Norway:

India got into it, too.

The response on Twitter and Facebook has been emotional, to say the least.

To watch a compilation of all the original challenge videos from China, click here.


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