Video footage of the alleged aftermath of Russia bombing some Syrian oil trucks just emerged

[This report contains video stills and a video that some readers may find distressing].
Russia, as well as the US, France, and Britain, are all launching air strikes against ISIS (also known as ISIL, Islamic State, and Daesh) in Syria and are targeting oil trucks and fields to hamper the terrorist group’s main means of funding.

Meanwhile, a video has just emerged on the YouTube channel of RFS Media, which is described as “The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office” which “reports the news of the Syrian revolution professionally and objectively,” of the alleged aftermath of Russia bombing three ISIS owned oil trucks.

The video, which says in the title that this is the aftermath of a Russian airstrike on a number of oil trucks on a trade route near Aleppo, starts off with plumes of smoke coming from three oil trucks.

While Business Insider has not been able to verify the video, the publication of the footage on YouTube comes on the same day of the Russian Defence Ministry saying that an air strike hit a line of< vehicles transporting oil in the Aleppo province.

However, the Russian Defence Ministry did not confirm whether it was targeting ISIS vehicles although it had, as well as Britain and the US, launched a series of bombing campaigns on ISIS held oil facilities.

The video continues showing several trucks on fire.

Allegedly, according to activist outletHalab News Network, three people were killed and several others were left injured from the air strikes.

The video then zooms up and shows one truck on fire and leaving a trail blaze on the road.

The US, Britain and Russia have cited its plans to air bomb ISIS-controlled oil fields in a bid to hurt its main means of funding. However, that’s likely not nearly enough to significantly affect the terrorist group’s bottom line, according to a recent report in The New York Times.

It shows that ISIS pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars from “taxing” and extorting those who live in the territory that the group controls in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS is thought to make as much as $900 million from residents and businessmen in its territory, American and European officials told The Times. And this revenue isn’t easy to diminish since it has “so far proved largely impervious to sanctions and air raids,” according to The Times.

Here is the full video of the aftermath of the alleged Russia bombing: 


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