A video shows a Wisconsin family rescuing a swimming bear that had a cheese ball jug stuck on its head

A Wisconsin family saved a bear that was swimming with a cheese ball jug on its head. Tricia Hurt/Facebook
  • A Wisconsin family was boating on Marshmiller Lake in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, over the weekend and stumbled across a small bear that was struggling to swim with what appeared to be a cheese ball jar stuck on its head.
  • Trisha and Brian Hurt started following the small bear in their boat, trying to intercept its swim to shore, so they could remove the empty container from its head.
  • A video that Tricia Hurt shared on Facebook, which has been viewed more than 595,000 times, shows the jar was filling with water as the bear swam.
  • After two attempts, Brian was able to pull it off and the bear continued its journey to land.
  • “We saved our little bear,” Tricia Hurt called out, after the bear was freed. “Swim happy.”
  • “Good job, buddy,” Brian Hurt said.
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