VIDEO: Engineer makes the world's largest Nerf gun

Mark Rober’s is bigger. Picture: Mark Rober/YouTube

Mark Rober has something to tell his grandkids.

Not the fact he spent seven years working on NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which he did. This:

“I made the world’s largest Nerf gun to defend my honor,” Rober wrote in the description on the YouTube of his gun in action.

You might remember Rober as the guy who showed the world how to skin a watermelon, a video that pulled in a massive 75 million views.

He was apparently sick of his engineer colleagues battering him with tiny foam sticks. Rober’s gun shoots pool noodles capped with toilet plungers, hurled by a 3000psi paintball tank, about 120 metres.

And yes, the cylinder rotates and shoots six toilet plungers:

The darts “exit the gun at about 40mph (64km/h)”, Rober says. If you watch the video, you’ll see Rober’s nephew copping one in the backside, along with some impressive skeet-shooting and Dude Perfect tricks.

Here’s how it all came about:

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