Video shows Easter Bunny repeatedly punching a man in Florida street brawl that gets broken up by police

Instagram (News 6)Video posted on Instagram shows a person wearing a white rabbit costume raining blows on a man
  • In viral footage posted on Instagram, a person dressed as the Easter Bunny gets involved in a street brawl outside a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
  • The footage shows a woman fighting with a man before the white rabbit joins in and rains blows on the man.
  • After the fight, the Easter bunny shadow boxes and chest bumps a bystander in triumph.
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Bizarre video posted online shows a person dressed as the Easter Bunny joining a street brawl outside a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

A recording of the brawl, posted on Instagram by a person with the account name workfth, showed the costumed fighter apparently intervening in a struggle between a man and a woman.

The film was been deleted after it attracted the attention of the news media, but not before being broadcast by several outlets, including central Florida’s News 6 channel:

The brawl ends when a bystander and a police officer break up the fight.

As the officer talks to the man and woman, the furry fighter shadow boxes and chest bumps the bystander in triumph.

Orlando Police Department told that nobody was arrested for the fight.

Seeking to capitalise on his viral fame, the man in the rabbit costume, 20-year-old Andrew McDonald, now has his own Instagram account.

He told Orlando Weekly that he got involved in the fight hoping to break it up after seeing the confrontation between the man and woman.

“I was with my crew walking down the street in the suit, and I saw the fight break out,” McDonald said.

“The dude had spit in her face. I ran over there to break up the fight, but then the dude got on top of her, and the fight got a little bit worse, so I had to try harder.”

He said he had expected to be arrested, but just received a reprimand from the police officer.

“I told the police what had happened,” McDonald says. “He said, ‘Don’t let me catch you fighting again in this suit or I’ll arrest you and the damn bunny.'”

INSIDER has contacted the police department for comment.

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