NFL Player Breaks Down On Sideline After Breaking Record

The Atlanta Falcons are blowing out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football due in large part to two touchdowns by veteran receiver and return specialist Devin Hester.

The second touchdown, a 62-yard punt return, was Hester’s 20th career touchdown on a kick or punt return, breaking the record previously held by Deion Sanders.

After the second touchdown, Falcons head coach Mike Smith, who is mic’d up for the game, noticed that Hester was emotional and on the verge of tears while sitting on the bench. When asked what was wrong, Hester could only say “I’m just so happy, man.”

Sanders, who scored many of his own touchdowns while playing for the Atlanta Falcons, was on hand as a commentator for the NFL Network. Sanders seemed genuinely happy for Hester and noted that he was glad that he could be on hand to witness the feat. Sanders called Hester “absolutely phenomenal.”

After noticing an emotional Hester on the bench, Smith tried to cheer Hester up by telling him to “get another one.”

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