VIDEO: Danny MacAskill's incredible ride to the ocean across Gran Canaria's rooftops

Coming! Picture: YouTube/GoPro

Pro cyclist Danny MacAskill has a new video out and it’s every bit as breathtaking as his previous instalments.

If you’re one of the 40-odd million who watched him descend Cuillin Ridge on his home island the Isle of Skye, you’ll know that’s a huge statement.

Here’s a reminder:

For this year’s project, MacAskill set his sights on Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands off the north-west coast of Africa.

Specifically, these rooftops of Gran Canaria:

Picture: YouTube/GoPro

MacAskill gave up his mechanic job nearly 20 years ago to focus on a career as a street trials pro rider, just so you know that he’s extremely proficient at this type of thing.

You’d have to be, before you even think about making your way down to the ocean via this:

And this:

There’s the odd ramp to help him navigate, which can be excused because not all seaside city rooftops are built to accommodate a continuous cycle down to the sea.

And he sometimes gets down to ground level, but still makes it incredible, because steps are just for regular humans, right?

You get the idea and we won’t spoil any more for you. But make sure you stay for the end:

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