Astors pitcher looked like a character from ‘The Matrix’ as he narrowly avoided a hit heading right for his face

Collin McHugh’s reflexes helped him escape disaster on the mound on Tuesday night. MLB
  • Houston Astros pitcher Collin McHugh showed off his reflexes on Tuesday night while dodging a ball that came within millimetres of destroying his face.
  • McHugh’s move was immediately compared to “The Matrix,” with McHugh falling backwards to avoid injury.
  • The Astros would somehow manage to turn a double play after McHugh was able to let the ball through, and went on to win the game 9-1.
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Houston Astros pitcher Collin McHugh had a close call on Tuesday night when a ball came within millimetres of destroying his face.

In the bottom of the second inning, McHugh served a fastball to Oakland Athletics first baseman Kendrys Morales, who smacked it right back in McHugh’s direction.

For a moment, it seems as if McHugh is about to get absolutely pummelled, but at the last second, the Astros starter was able to pull off a dodge that looked straight out of “The Matrix” to avoid any damage.

Further replays showed just how close the ball came to knocking McHugh’s lights out. “He could have tasted that ball!” the announcer said of McHugh’s close call. “If his tongue was out, he’d have a blister on it!”

You can watch McHugh’s artful dodge below.

Not only did McHugh save his face with his quick reflexes, but because he was able to let the ball go by him, his teammates behind him were able to turn a double play that helped keep the Athletics scoreless.

“It would have tested how strong my jaw is for sure,”McHugh said of the close call after the game. “Thankfully we were able to get a double play out of it. Routine, just how you draw it up. … I don’t know if it gets much closer than that.”

The Astros would go on to win the game 9-1, with McHugh finishing after six innings of shut-out baseball that included just two hits and one of the most impressive dodges you’ll ever see.

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