Child Survivor Of Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria Shows The Immensity Of Lost Life

Images and videos continue to trickle in from an alleged massive chemical weapons attack in a small Syrian city on the outskirts of Damascus.

If confirmed, the attack comes as UN chemical weapons inspectors are in Syria to investigate claims by opposition forces of three chemical weapons attacks over the last year. The United States, Britain, and France all say they have determined that chemical weapons were used earlier this year by the Bashar al Assad regime.

With reports of as many as 1,300 dead, this would be the largest chemical weapons attack since Saddam Hussein killed roughly 5,000 in Kurdistan in northern Iraq 25 years ago.

But for all the troubling images, this YouTube video posted by Syrian activists depicting a young survivor of the attack maybe best captures the sheer senselessness of the violence.

Pale and trembling, a young girl is being comforted by the man holding the camera. Her eyes are red, and she repeatedly covers her face with her hands.

Over and over, she’s saying: “I’m alive, I’m alive.”

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