UFC Fighter Asks To Touch African-American ESPN Anchor's Hair, Yells 'That's Real Hair, People!'

Chael Sonnen was on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” today to promote his upcoming fight with Jon Jones. And in the middle of one interview, he randomly asked to touch Sage Steele’s hair.

After touching the hair, Sonnen turned to the camera and declared, “That’s real hair, people!” At best, the questioning whether the hair is real is extremely insensitive to Steele and African-American women. And at worst, the comment is just plain racist.

This comment came just after he declared that he would put Jones “on his arse” during their fight.

Who knows if UFC will punish Sonnen. But if Sonnen was an athlete in one of the major sports leagues, he would probably be facing a suspension and a huge backlash from companies he endorses.

Here’s the video…

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