YouTuber Casey Neistat made a video showing what it’s like to fly in the most expensive plane seat in the world, which comes with a whole bedroom, shower, and a 4-course meal

Casey Neistat filming his first course. Casey Neistat / YouTube
  • YouTuber Casey Neistat showed his 11.7 million subscribers what it’s like to travel on the most expensive plane ticket in the world.
  • He was invited to try The Residence, Etihad Airways’ most expensive ticket option, which comes with a living room, bedroom, bathroom with shower and amenities, and “14 feet of legroom.”
  • Neistat found a small note welcoming him on board, complete with a signature from the pilot, called Tim.
  • The three-room seats are available on the massive A380 plane. Each seat comes with a complimentary WiFi voucher, noise-cancelling headset, pajamas, and a loungewear robe.
  • Across from the two fully sized seats is a bench which serves as a footrest and refrigerator.
  • Neistat was impressed with the “proper bed” in the bedroom, which flight attendants will even perform a turn-down service on.
  • The private bathroom is also a massive luxury, with 10 minutes of hot water.
  • “What feels really extraordinary about this, besides the fact that I’m laying in a bed on an aeroplane, is just the sheer amount of privacy you have,” said Neistat. “If you wanted to use the toilet with the door open, you definitely could.”
  • At dinner time, Neistat received a starter, main course, a palette cleanser, then a second main course.
  • “There are two things that you never really get when flying on an aeroplane, and that’s space and privacy,” Neistat said. “And this flight had a borderline ridiculous amount of both of those things.”
  • “So in conclusion, I didn’t pay for this flight. They gave it to me for free so I’d make a YouTube video about it,” he said. “But if you’re looking to spend the price of a new Toyota on one flight, what an experience!”
  • A round-trip ticket for The Residence will set you back between $US31,000 for one person, and $US41,000 for two people travelling from NYC to Abu Dhabi.
  • Watch the full video below.
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