Video shows the moment a getaway car hits tree, bursts apart during 100-mph police chase through the desolate streets of Detroit

What remains of the suspects’ Kia Soul. Eastpointe Police
  • A Detroit-area police chase ended on Wednesday when the suspects crashed into a tree by the road, spewing parts of their getaway car into the air.
  • Police determined that the car, a Kia Soul, was stolen a few days earlier, and a local news station reported that speeds reached more than 100 mph.
  • There were four suspects in total, two of whom ran away on foot and were arrested. Of the two in the car, police said one sustained minor injuries while the other was seriously injured.
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A police chase that took officers from multiple departments through three Detroit-area counties on Wednesday ended after the suspects’ car crashed into a tree on the median in explosive fashion, aerial video footage shows.

The Eastpointe Police Department was alerted about an alleged carjacking at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to a statement posted to Facebook and picked up by the The Detroit News. The suspects fled the scene in a Kia Soul – later determined to be stolen a few days prior – and led multiple police departments on a chase through the nearly empty streets of three counties, as many are staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Area news station WDIV Local 4, which posted footage of the crash, reported that the suspects’ speeds reached more than 100 mph during the chase.

The chase ended when suspects lost control of the Kia and went barreling into a tree on the median, obliterating the car. The two suspects in the car were arrested and transported to a local hospital – one with minor injuries and one with serious injuries.